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Continuous health monitoring and non-destructive assessment of composites and composite repairs on surface transport applications


Composite materials have been widely used for a range of applications within the surface transport sector over the last two decades. Their continued use is expected to grow throughout the next decade. In order to maximize the life-expectancy of composite components and lower overall operational and maintenance costs, a European Seventh Framework Program (FP7) has been initiated.


The aim of the ComPair project is to build a new and novel method for continuous health monitoring and non-destructive testing (NDT) assessment of composite panels and associated repairs on surface transport applications. In addition, guidelines on a certified procedure have been initiated to produce a cost-effective manufacturing and maintenance procedure.

The ComPair project has developed two areas of research: in-situ inspection by means of a scanning a process using transient thermography and Near Infra-Red (NIR) NDT techniques; and a continuous monitoring process through a combined interrogative approach using Acoustic Emission (AE) and Long Range Ultrasonic Guided waves (LRU).


The ComPair project, comprising eleven partners from six European countries, is the culmination of three years of research on non destructive assessment and repair of composite panels on surface transport (buses, trucks, trams and high and low speed trains).

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